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Author Topic: Article: Connex train commuters suffer delays and cancellations, again  (Read 1198 times)

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From the Herald Sun click here!

Connex train commuters suffer delays and cancellations, again

Connex train commuters suffer delays and cancellations, again
Article from: Herald Sun

Ashley Gardiner

January 22, 2009 10:39am

A FAULTY public address system was one reason of many for 18 trains cancelled this morning.

And new figures reveal the number of train cancellations on some lines more than doubled during December.

Worst-hit lines were services to Frankston, Lilydale, Pakenham and Sandringham.

The news comes as commuters endured another morning of disrupted train services despite the mild weather.

Public Transport Users Association president Daniel Bowen said 18 trains had been cancelled as of 10.15am.

Shadow transport minister Terry Mulder said he had calculated the number of cancellations as 22.

Connex spokeswoman Lanie Harris said eight city-bound trains and nine outbound trains were cancelled before 9am.

Ms Harris said a range of faults caused a number of cancellations, including a faulty public address system.

Connex this week said a number of operable trains were not being used because of continuing talks it was having with the union about the definition of a fault.

Department of Transport figures released this morning show that 1.4 per cent of all train services were cancelled during December.

The average cancellation rate for the past year is one per cent.

But some lines were affected more than others, including Pakenham (2.2 per cent), Frankston (two per cent), Lilydale (1.9 per cent) and Sandringham (1.7 per cent.)

On the Stony Point line from Frankston, Connex cancelled a massive 13.8 per cent of services.

Early morning services have on that line have been withdrawn until further notice because of union complaints about lighting at the Frankston rail yard.
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