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Gold Coast trains stopping at Kingston Station (for event)?

Started by achiruel, March 11, 2022, 03:37:31 AM

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I was just looking at the website for the Melting Sunsets festival (at Kingston Butter Factory) and noticed this:

QuoteGetting to the event couldn't be easier! Just jump on a train on the Brisbane-Gold Coast Line direct to the Kingston Train Station which backs on to the venue. Show your Melting Sunsets ticket for FREE train travel thanks to Logan City Council and Queensland Rail.

The fact it doesn't mention the Beenleigh line made me wonder, are Gold Coast trains stopping at Kingston Station for this event? I was actually thinking this might be a good idea as apparently it's expected to attract up to 5,000 people, which is a lot to move for only Beenleigh/Ferny Grove trains. I wouldn't want to do this for every event at the location, but just the ones expected to get large crowds. I think there's enough fat in the timetable to make this stop.

Parking on site is only available for disability permit holders during this event which I think is a good move but I think it would also be good to ensure sufficient train capacity to and especially from the event where travel tends to be less staggered.

I guess an alternative is to run a lot of buses to Loganlea but as long as the stop can be added without affecting the timetable I think stopping at Kingston would be the best solution.


A huge advantage of the KBF precinct site is it's location next to the train station. I doubt that any buses from Loganlea are being run. Likely they are just referring to Beenleigh line trains, but I guess it's possible they could stop the odd GC service there?

I would be down for more special event services to Kingston during large events at KBF. More frequent late services for when the event is over would help as well. I've been saying the same thing about Boondall for events at BEC. The late night Shorncliffe line trains are too infrequent so punters still choose to sit in traffic for 20+ mins exiting the carpark at the end of the night

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