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Author Topic: Norwegian regional city proves that no city is too small for light rail  (Read 1457 times)

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Informa Transport -->Norwegian regional city proves that no city is too small for light rail

It was once thought the city of Bergen in Norway was too small for a light rail network, however, the finished construction works have proven that the network has reached capacity while the final stages are still being finished. Thomas Potter, Senior Engineer from Norconsult AS in Norway describes the Bybanen Bergen Light Rail Project, and what needs to happen for the line to thrive in the future.

Like many other cities in the world, the City of Bergen closed its tram system in the 1960s (1965) which originally opened in 1897.  In 2000, Bergen decided to build a new light rail system.  After 20 years of heated discussion, a determined search for resources, visits to many other successful light rail and tram projects, planning and finally construction, the first phase of the project, a 9,8 kilometer section with 15 stops, opened in June 2010.  It was officially opened by the Norwegian Queen Sonja and was accompanied by a great celebration.

The first extension to the system, from the terminal in Nesttun to the regional shopping centre Lagunen, an additional 3,6 km and 5 new stops, opened in June 2013.  A second extension to the Bergen airport at Flesland is now under construction and is expected to open in 2016 ...
Half baked projects, have long term consequences ...
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