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Author Topic: Dubai Light Rail  (Read 1324 times)


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Dubai Light Rail
« on: December 17, 2012, 03:11:51 PM »
On the Viaduct section of the Dubai Light Rail project, the first centre rail power supply was laid last week, just nth of Dubai Marina Metro station overpass walkway.

Rails are now in place for about 500m on the Viaduct which runs along inland side of the Marina development, basically across the hwy from the Metro. Rails have also been laid on the road section on the sea side of the Marina on JBR road. 

The Marina Mall station is the first to have a roof (of sorts in place). Alstom are building 4 stations along the Viaduct section at roughly same time which are substanial structures. Others on the road sections are also starting to appear.

The project is still timed to finish in late 2014. However as the project was suspended after 12mths of works for about 18mths during GFC, the road disruption which is causing significant delays will have been endured for 6 years by the time of opening. For those on GC, the road traffic chaos caused by the Light rail project is more than significant. With the Marina development basically less than 10-12 years old from original start of construction, proof that its better to allow for such projects from the start.


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