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Author Topic: Canberra: Light rail still on the agenda  (Read 1540 times)


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Canberra: Light rail still on the agenda
« on: December 14, 2012, 03:18:51 PM »
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December 13, 2012

The ACT Government is to conduct another study into its promised light rail project for Canberra's north.

It will commission research, to be completed early next year, to see how the line would integrate with existing public transport options.

A start within four years for the long-awaited light rail link between Civic and Gungahlin is now official government policy as part of Labor's minority government deal with the ACT Greens.

Minister for the Environment and Sustainable Development Simon Corbell said on Wednesday that he expected park-and-ride-style car parks near the northern stops in the line to be an important element of the system.

The government wants to hire consultants to study how much extra infrastructure will be needed to service the light rail link dubbed "Capital Metro''.

"Light rail will be an addition to our existing public transport network in the ACT, and therefore this study will provide detailed and essential analysis of how the bus network and the new Capital Metro will work in tandem to best meet the needs of our community," Mr Corbell said.

"This report will also inform government about what extra transport planning work will be required to ensure this project is delivered properly."

Mr Corbell said he also wanted the research to focus on cycling and walking links to the network.

"This study will also look at pedestrian and cycling access to stops and stations, as well as the potential for new Park and Rides to make it easier to access light rail," the minister said.

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Re: Canberra: Light rail still on the agenda
« Reply #1 on: December 14, 2012, 04:08:35 PM »
There are at least 2 things I would expect might need to be addressed for any light rail in Canberra:

1.  There is probably going to be a lot more scope for park'n'ride, at least if we are comparing Gungahlin-City to Griffith Uni-Broadbeach.  The scope for PnR on the Gold Coast is only going to increase if the lines start reaching places like Parkwood or Hope Island.

2. Interaction with bicycles given the market share down there.  Allow on board?  Some kind of basic storage enclosure at one end?
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