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Perth Airport train line

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Perth Now -> Finally - Perth Airport train line plans revealed

--- Quote ---GOVERNMENT plans for a rail line connecting commuters and travellers to and from Perth Airport have been released.

A “preferred route” has been revealed today by the State Government which would see the rail line run down the middle of the Tonkin Highway east of the Bayswater train station, tunnel under the major road and the airport’s runways towards a proposed “consolidated” international and domestic airport terminal.

Transport Minister Troy Buswell said options eastwards from the airport, linking the suburbs of Forrestfield and High Wycombe to and from the airport, were also being planned for.

“Cabinet has approved the reservation of the surface route on land under control of the State and has endorsed ongoing discussions between the Public Transport Authority and stakeholders to ensure the route is protected,” Mr Buswell said.

“Perth Airport will continue to experience substantial passenger growth and it is critical transport infrastructure is planned to ensure adequate services are in place to cater for the projected demand.”

Mr Buswell said the government was keen to “understand the project’s full scope and cost” in the coming months to determine where it sits in relation to other infrastructure projects.
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Perth Airport link to be sunk underground  :-t


Hopefully we will see the (underground) connection to the Midland line in my lifetime.  One can also hope the design will include an easy option for continuing to a connection on the Armadale line (and eventually some form of ring line)

In the meanwhile, what happened to the meetings to discuss the start of bus service from the CBD to the international terminals?

Happy wandering


Perth Now --> Perth Airport rail link to start in 2016 and be finished by 2020, says WA Premier Colin Barnett

Put it in context though, it's 8km of tunnels.  $2bn is reasonable for that much these days.


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