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Author Topic: Article: Hero rail guard shown the door by Queensland Rail for breaching safety  (Read 1421 times)

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Article: Hero rail guard Michael Wild shown the door by Queensland Rail for breaching safety rules
by: David Murray
From:The Courier-Mail
July 15, 2012 9:19AM



A HEROIC train guard recognised for his bravery has been sacked by Queensland Rail for disobeying safety rules.

Michael Wild has rescued victims from burning cars and raging floodwaters but couldn't save himself from dismissal.

The old-school guard fell foul of bosses by refusing to keep his compartment door closed, Fair Work Australia documents show.

Then Queensland governor Peter Arnison gave Mr Wild a bronze medal for bravery in 2002 after he helped save a woman swept away in floodwaters.

A week after accepting the award, he rescued a woman from a burning car on the Bruce Highway. In another incident, he resuscitated a passenger who had a heart attack on his train.

"I have no idea why this happens to me . . . my son says I'm a casualty magnet," he told The Sunday Mail at the time.

Queensland Rail's chief executive awarded him a certificate of commendation for courage.

But Mr Wild was sacked for safety reasons after swearing at a supervisor who warned him about breaching directives when he arrived at Brisbane's Bowen Hills station with his door open in 2010.

He was previously warned for leaning out of a train with the door open, jumping to the ground from the cab and walking through a stabling yard with his safety vest worn incorrectly.

Contesting the dismissal in Fair Work Australia, Mr Wild said he was taught to keep the door open to check platforms when he trained as a guard in 1976.

Fair Work Australia found there was valid reason to fire Mr Wild but overall his dismissal was harsh and unfair. Taking into account a flawed disciplinary process and Mr Wild's 38 years of service and bravery, Queensland Rail was ordered to make a still-to-be-determined payout.


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