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1 Jul 2012: SEQ: Reduce or eliminate the fare 'flag-fall'

Started by ozbob, July 01, 2012, 03:24:52 AM

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Media release 1st July 2012

SEQ: Reduce or eliminate the fare 'flag-fall'

RAIL Back On Track (http://backontrack.org) a web based community support group for rail and public transport and an advocate for public transport passengers calls for the fares for short distance trips to be reduced.

Robert Dow, Spokesman for RAIL Back On Track said:

"Presently it costs $3.05 for a one zone peak trip, reducing to $2.44 off peak using an adult go card.  These rates are too high. Paper single tickets are $4.50 for a one zone journey, there is no off peak paper ticket equivalent."

"Adelaide, Perth and Sydney all have '2 section' tickets which are good for approximately 3.2km and cost in peak hour $1.67, $1.62, $1.68 respectively when purchased with the comparable cheapest products (1,2,3)."

"Reducing all fares by $1 to a $1.50, that is reducing the flag-fall component, would bring short zone journeys back into a more realistic comparative fare cost structure."

"A $1 reduction on a one zone peak adult go card fare represents a 33% decrease in cost, a $1 reduction on a zone 20 fare represents a 6% decrease.  Such adjustments are reasonable when one considers that public transport fares have increased 65% over the past 4 years. There are also further fare increases planned of 7.5% for 2013 and 2014."

"A reduction in the 'flag-fall' component would restore a better cost relativity between all zones."

"A reduction in the 'flag-fall' component could be balanced by ensuring matching zones for all modes. For example Oxley by rail is zone 3 but by bus is zone 4. Reducing the flag-fall would make zone adjustments cost neutral and better position for the future."

"RAIL Back On Track supports a reduced 'flag-fall', which due to the present high cost distortion acts as a strong disincentive for public transport use other than the to and from work commute trips (4)."


1. http://www.adelaidemetro.com.au/ticketing/fares

2. http://www.transperth.wa.gov.au/TicketsandFares.aspx

3. http://www.131500.com.au/tickets/fares/fares

4. http://railbotforum.org/mbs/index.php?topic=8551.0


Robert Dow
RAIL Back On Track http://backontrack.org
Half baked projects, have long term consequences ...
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Half baked projects, have long term consequences ...
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