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Author Topic: Media Release 21 Oct 2006 - Importance of Rail  (Read 2510 times)

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Media Release 21 Oct 2006 - Importance of Rail
« on: October 21, 2006, 04:35:35 AM »
Media Release 21st October 2006
Riverside Expressway Closure Reinforces the Importance of Rail.

RAIL ? Back On Track (http://backontrack.org)  a web based community organisation for the promotion of rail throughout Australia has called on the Queensland State Government, Brisbane City Council, and transport planners to take note of the transport fiasco in Brisbane these past days, and properly fund and resource public transport in Queensland. There are lessons here for all State Governments.

Robert Dow said that

?The closure of one major road route caused traffic chaos in Brisbane.  This highlighted the fragility of the present traffic and public transport bus systems.  The bus, river and railway transport systems in Brisbane were operating at maximum capacity. There was no reserve.  Many buses were caught up in the road traffic gridlock.  Rail continued to provide safe, rapid mass transport during this crisis.  There is a lesson for us all in these observations.?

?Now is the time to expand the rail and bus networks.  It is clear the present path of toll roads, tunnels and road bridges and a fixation on roads, is just making more problems rather than solutions. An increase in funding for public transport infrastructure is now a no-brainer!?

?The railway line to Brisbane Airport should be taken over by the State Government and fares and frequency of services brought into line with the rest of the suburban Brisbane railway network immediately.  This has the potential to ease traffic on the already congested roads to and from the airport in particular.  The present fare structure is out of reach of many travellers and workers in the airport precinct.?

?I would like to congratulate City Train staff, Brisbane City Council transport staff and crews, and all private bus drivers and taxi drivers for their efforts to keep our public transport available at a high level of service these past days.  Brisbane citizens also rose to the occasion by varying their travel times and keeping a cheerful spirit.  Well done all!?



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