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Transport review into public transport between Toowoomba and Brisbane

Started by #Metro, June 08, 2012, 13:41:06 PM

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Closing thagoona and wolloon would be political suicide.   


I said Thagoona and Karrabin.
Walloon would stay.

Karrabin is only 2.5km from Wulkuralka, has nothing around it and gets bugger all patronage.

I guess Thagoona is more 50-50...But it just seems inefficient to have a station there....Its not like there is a stop in the 8km between Caboolture and Elimbah for example!

So why stop between Rosewood and Walloon?

I guess the thrust of what Im saying is that with stopping patterns is that Rosewood would no longer be it's own teir....services would be rolled into the Toowoomba pattern, or added to the Ipswich one.


In that situation would you still have an occasional 539 service? It serves quite a few stops that the train won't.


The main market for the 539 would be to feed the UQ campus from Gatton and Laidley.  Still need buses for that with rail in place.
Ride the G:


Those stations also have some new planned development going in. Not for a while though. And that 8km stretch between Caboolture and Elimbah might have a station going in down the line.

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