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550 - Springwood to Browns Plains

Started by achiruel, June 06, 2012, 18:11:17 PM

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Route: 550 Springwood to Browns Plains via Crestmead & Logan Central


First service inbound: 5:52am (commencing Fifth Ave & Christian Way) 6:45am (from Browns Plains)

First service outbound: 6:03am (from Kingston Station) 6:45am (from Springwood)

Last service inbound: 7:15pm (terminates Kingston Station) 6:15pm (to Springwood)

Last service outbound: 7:15pm (terminates Logan Central Plaza) 6:15 (To Browns Plains)

Peak frequency: 30 min

Off peak frequency: 30 min until except first/last services (60 minutes between first & second/second last & last)

Days per week: 7

Weekends & Public Holidays

First service inbound: 7:03am (from Kingston Station) 7:30am (from Browns Plains) Saturdays; 8:08am (from Kingston Station & bypasses Logan Central Plaza) 8:30am (from Browns Plains) Sundays & Public Holidays

First service outbound: 7:30am Saturdays; 7:48am (from Kingston Station) 8:30am (from Springwood) Sundays & Public Holidays

Last service inbound: 5:30pm (to Kingston Station) 4:30pm (to Springwood) Weekends & Public Holidays

Last service outbound: 5:30pm Weekends & Public Holidays (terminates Browns Plains Rd & 5th Avenue Saturdays, 4:30pm service terminates Browns Plains Grand Plaza Saturdays)

Weekend & Public Holidays Frequency: 60 min


seems like a big time air carrier on the weekends this one however when combined with the 545 gives good weekend 1/2 hourly connection from browns plains to logan central. the portable information display on the buses are a great way to keep track of upcoming stops.I would say the trial is a success and hopefully these will be implemented on all mainstream routes.


545/550 are both the same in that for the majority of the day they carry 10-15 max. Then just the period before and after school they're full.


Yes.  Both these routes badly need 15 minute frequency 7:30-9am & 3:00-5:30pm.


545, 550, 560 and 572 would be my candidates for service every 15 minutes 6am-9pm.  Possibly 554 as well.
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