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Author Topic: 338 - Strathpine/Brendale/Eatons Hill to Chermside  (Read 3615 times)

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338 - Strathpine/Brendale/Eatons Hill to Chermside
« on: April 29, 2012, 11:15:45 PM »
Route: 338


First service inbound: Pretty good... but can be alot better by making it uniform instead of random times. First few bypasses the Strathpine - Brendale industrial area starting from Eatons Hill. First service is at ~6am with services at 6.30, 6.50 with the 7.10 service being the first coming from Strathpine but drops off to + hourly after the 7am service before ramping back to a 30 minute frequency then back to the hourly frequency (Example on rough times: 7.10, 8.15, 9.35, 10.05, 11.05)

First service outbound: ~7.00. Actually gets to the Eatons Hill area 7.30-7.40, getting to Strathpine station at ~7.50 and the bus interchange shortly after. Would be better if it was run earlier and later for people to get to the railway line for other areas/people working/students in the Bald Hills/Strathpine/Bray Park/Warner/Lawnton/Petrie areas along with those that go to TAFE at Bracken Ridge. 7.55 and 9.05 is too long of a gap between the first and second service.

Last service inbound: An absolute joke. 5.20

Last service outbound: Eh. Still a confusing joke of a service especially when it comes to figuring out if it will terminate where you want it to terminate or if it terminates before your usual stop in the morning at the start of Eatons Hill, Brendale or Strathpine. The last service leaves Chermside just after 6pm terminating at Brendale at ~6.55. The last routes that continue to Strathpine are supposed to terminate there at 1.40, 2.40, 3.55, 5.10 with the others terminating at Brendale at 4.30 and 6.55 and at the enterance of Eatons Hill at 5.45 and 6.15

Peak frequency: 20-70 minutes.

Off peak frequency: Hourly

Days per week: Operates 7 days a week.

Weekends Public Holidays

First service inbound: Departs Brendale at 7.50. The next 338 is the first service from Strathpine leaving the interchange at 9.25, 11.25, 1.50, 3.20, 5.10. There are 6 weekend daily services. Frequency is 1h20m gap - 2hr gap - 2h30min gap - 1h30m gap - 1h50m final service

First service outbound: ~8.30

Last service inbound: ~5.10

Last service outbound: ~4.15

Edit: I should have included the 357/359 but they do a half ass job of feeding anything... anywhere else but the city. 359/338 needs to be ramped up to 30 mins, 338 frequent in both directions during peak hour as it feeds between major areas in Strathpine, Chermside/Aspley and from Brisbane City, 338 re-routed into the off peak route (Strathpine-Chermside) to remove the confusing terminus locations, 359 exteded through eatons hill and on to strathpine station/bus interchange otherwise cull it at Albany Village and ramp up the 338 Chermside-Strathpine.
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