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Wynnum Rd/Lytton Rd/Shaftson Ave upgrades

Started by somebody, April 25, 2012, 11:41:57 AM

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Anyone know anything about Ray Smith's plans here?


6 lanes of noisy fast polluting traffic which will be just as congested as it is today during peak hour So 1980's


How on earth can he put in 6 lanes without resuming properties.. Some very influential landowners live along the road.

2013, SNO's 13. Evaders 157 . 2014, SNO's 05. Evaders 075 . 2015, SNO's 05. Evaders 102
2016, SNO's 05. Evaders 217 . 2017, SNO's 03. Evaders 272 . 2018, SNO's 03. Evaders 487
2019, SNO's 04. Evaders 815 .
2020, 2021   A waste of 2 years
2022, Who's left paying a fare ?



You know, what could be done easily here is extending the AM bus lane by about 400m from Hipwood St to f/s Riding Rd.  Just have the left turn into Bennets Rd in the left lane of Wynnum Rd "buses excepted", some work on the traffic islands & signals and remove some street parking in peak.  Even easier would be the 150m extension to Bennets Rd.


Wynnum Road needs to converted into

BUZ Bulimba and Wynnum/Cannon Hill

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