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Wynnum Rd/Lytton Rd/Shaftson Ave upgrades

Started by somebody, April 25, 2012, 11:41:57 AM

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Anyone know anything about Ray Smith's plans here?


6 lanes of noisy fast polluting traffic which will be just as congested as it is today during peak hour So 1980's


How on earth can he put in 6 lanes without resuming properties.. Some very influential landowners live along the road.

2013, SNO's 13. Evaders 157
2014, SNO's 05. Evaders 075
2015, SNO's 05. Evaders 102
2016, SNO's 05. Evaders 217
2017, SNO's 03. Evaders 272
2018, SNO's 03. Evaders 487
2019, SNO's 04. Evaders 815
A waste of a year



You know, what could be done easily here is extending the AM bus lane by about 400m from Hipwood St to f/s Riding Rd.  Just have the left turn into Bennets Rd in the left lane of Wynnum Rd "buses excepted", some work on the traffic islands & signals and remove some street parking in peak.  Even easier would be the 150m extension to Bennets Rd.


Wynnum Road needs to converted into

BUZ Bulimba and Wynnum/Cannon Hill

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