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Author Topic: Article: Battle for City Hall - live chat with Ray Smith and Graham Quirk  (Read 1922 times)


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I really like this comment (not):
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I am writing to you in the hope that if you are elected that you will > be able to assist with the lack of public bus services in the Moorooka > / Tarragindi electorate. > > Over the past 12 months, I have contacted the Premiers department and > Translink requesting that they introduce an alternative bus route > within this area which goes into the city. I have repeatedly been > fobbed off. > > Currently the only bus service that picks up residents in the area > takes us on a time-wasting backstreet tour of Tarragindi, Ekibin, > Annerley, Buranda and eventually into the city. > > Residents want a more direct bus route into the city which picks up > from Mayfield Road (Helles St - Stop 31), heads up to Moorvale > Shopping Centre, then follows Ipswich Road going past the PA Hospital > and Mater Hospitals then onto the city (same route back). > > Not all of us have vehicles so catching a train into the city is not > an option.
That is ridiculous!  117/124/125 already do precisely that.  Add 100/110/115 if you aren't movement impaired.

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Note the "it's either a bus or a train to the city" mentality.

Feeder bus to Moorooka or Yeerongpilly?  (ducks)
Ride the G:


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