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Author Topic: Article: Rail trail plan gets new hope  (Read 1614 times)


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Article: Rail trail plan gets new hope
« on: April 19, 2012, 09:36:56 AM »
The Mercury -> click here

PLANS for a 160km rail trail along the state's north and north-west coasts have been kept alive by a government offer to consider staying the demolition of a bridge along the proposed route.

The Government plans to have the old Forth River Bridge demolished, but the Greens want it preserved to carry pedestrian and cycle traffic along the proposed Port Sorell to Smithton path.

Greens MP Basil O'Halloran said keeping the bridge was key to the future of the trail project, which would attract tourists to the region.

Economic Development Minster David O'Byrne told Parliament he would make inquiries to see if the bridge could be saved.

Say what?  I thought the rail was still active as far as Wiltshire, and the River Forth is on the Devonport to Burnie section of line which is still very much in use.  Huh?


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Re: Article: Rail trail plan gets new hope
« Reply #1 on: April 20, 2012, 09:05:45 AM »
Thanks Shane.  So why are they talking about removing a bridge over the River Forth, which is between Devonport & Burnie?  Has there been a bridge replacement which doesn't show up in Google Maps yet (only one rail bridge visible).

Didn't realise Burnie to Wiltshire was out of use, doesn't seem that long ago that Wisconsin Central were talking about re-extending back to Smithton & Stanley.

I believe the NE line is still in place as far as Tonganah, and may even be receiving minimum maintenance the way the Brisbane Valley line did for some years after the last train.

Google Maps shows the NE line with track in ok condition in 2010, but the level crossing where the Tasman Hwy crosses the line near Tonganah has been bitumened over.. (Does anyone else really hate it when road authorities do this to an otherwise ok looking rail line?)
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