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Gold Coast Rapid Transit Corridor Study

Started by SurfRail, October 17, 2011, 20:45:46 PM

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Just found this today.  I have not reviewed it yet, but it appears to be a GCCC study looking at land-use strategy around the rapid transit system and stations.  The fact this even exists shows there are some people in Council that are switched on...

Will have a plumb through and revert back in due course, as it appears to be sizeable and full of detail (unlike some other plans we have seen recently  :hg).
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Amazingly detailed and well-considered, in addition to being very pretty with pictures.  Shows you can have both.   :-t

Apparently this is "Phase 2" - Phase 1 was a more generic version looking at the length and breadth of the city and ultimate full length of the route from Helensvale to Coolangatta, whereas this one focuses on about 2,000ha of the city around the segment of the line under construction.

Goes into great depth about active transport and improving streetscapes, getting around the obstacles formed by the canals by building plenty of functional (not show-stopping) pedestrian and cycling bridges, managing building heights and density around the major precincts, identifying areas for future investigation for redevelopment potential, working out a "narrative" for the city (ie boulevard-style roads leading to the beach).  Much better than anything I have seen from any other local government recently.

I am not entirely sold on the whole bicycle lanes on the side of the road thing, which they are persisting with, but the depictions and reasoning clearly show some decent attention is being given to the subject. 

One of the interesting features in the document is the detailed comparison and treatment of the existing streetscape with little picture inserts - it identifies a lot of short-comings in the current environment, especially for pedestrians and cyclists.  There is a very good example of this somewhere near the start, where it shows in pictures just how much of a pain in the arse it currently is to get from the Evandale Precinct to Surfers on foot via Chevron Island.

(Apparently the Gold Coast Highway is also to be renamed to "Gold Coast Boulevard", which is something I am personally opposed to for historical reasons.)
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