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Ministerial Statement: Forum to find ways to grow a stronger Gold Coast

Started by ozbob, August 05, 2011, 16:33:35 PM

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Agriculture, Food and Regional Economies
The Honourable Tim Mulherin

Forum to find ways to grow a stronger Gold Coast

Gold Coast residents are being urged to attend one of three public forums being held across South East Queensland to share their ideas on new plans to help shape the region's future.

Minister for Regional Economies Tim Mulherin said the first of these is to be held on the Gold Coast on Monday night (August 8).

The State Government has released three visionary long-term planning documents that aim to strengthen the state's regions: the Queensland Regionalisation Strategy (QRS), the Queensland Infrastructure Plan (QIP), and the Bruce Highway Upgrade Strategy (BHUS).

Mr Mulherin said the government now needed Queenslanders to share their ideas on the plans.

"These are exciting times as we move to shape the growth of every region across the state over the next 20 years and beyond," Mr Mulherin said.

"Given the importance of these plans it's vital they reflect the views, values and opinions of the locals who live and breathe these areas.

"That's why we're holding this forum on the Gold Coast - specifically to hear from local residents.

"This is your opportunity to share your ideas directly with senior government ministers, provide feedback on the plans, and participate in consultation workshops."

Mr Mulherin said the South East Queensland region was one of Australia's fastest-growing metropolitan areas contained within just 1.3 per cent of the state's area.

"By 2031 this region is expected to grow from just under 3 million people to nearly 4.4 million," he said.

"While we are encouraging people to reside in other areas of the state, we have to recognise that many people will continue to want to live in the south-east corner.

"This means we have to continue to build on the region's current strengths - that of the area being the service centre and skills, distribution and logistics hub for regional supply chains - while developing new opportunities to share the growth among other regions.

"South East Queensland is a significant tourism destination and the gateway to the rest of Queensland, and we want to boost food processing, mining services and mining technology capabilities to service regional industries.

"Other ways to improve the region's prosperity will focus on it being a key hub for Queensland's service economy, with specialised skills in professional services such as information and communications technology, and biomedical services.

"Some of the priority projects that will help drive the region are the Gold Coast Rapid Transit, Gold Coast University Hospital, Robina Hospital Expansion, Cross River Rail, Pacific Motorway upgrade, Airport Link and the Queensland Children's Hospital.

"I encourage everyone in the community, from mums and dads, to small business owners and industry leaders, to come along and have a say on how we manage these issues into the future."

The Gold Coast Way to Grow forum will be held from 5pm for 5.30pm start (until 7.30pm) on Monday, August 8 at the Prana Centre, 7027 Southport-Nerang Road (opposite Gold Coast City Council Building), Nerang.

Register your attendance by emailing waytogrow@qld.gov.au or calling 1800 093903, and to view the documents go to www.qld.gov.au or call the number above.

Community consultation on the documents runs until September 9.

Half baked projects, have long term consequences ...
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Good pick-up Bob.  Usual ridiculously short notice of course, probably designed to stymy any real community input.

I will try to swing my way into getting there.
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It does say there are 3 meetings, but only gives the date for the first one. How odd.
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I managed to attend - I was pleased with the recognition afforded by most participants that public transport is an important priority. 

I am also happy to report that the absence of many projects from the QIP is largely because all they have done for the draft is plug in the existing 4 year capital works program.  The final version will be much more expansive as it will operate over the horizons that SEQIPP does.  Obviously though, important things like the NCL upgrades and Cross River Rail are missing from the short term.
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Half baked projects, have long term consequences ...
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