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Article: Push to bring light-rail to Carrara

Started by colinw, June 09, 2011, 09:43:20 AM

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THE fight to bring a light-rail route to Carrara has found a new ally in area councillor Bob La Castra.

Cr La Castra has been a long-standing critic of the system, but said it was appropriate for a connection to link heavy rail to Metricon Stadium and the possible future site of Gold Coast Parklands.

The Sun last week revealed plans for a link had been shelved by the council and State Government, and would not be considered as part of the city's 2018 Commonwealth Games bid.

Cr La Castra said he supported a western route for the light rail, but was opposed to the State Government's plans to relocate Parklands.

''Nobody consulted us, which is just typical, and I want people to oppose the Parklands proposal too,'' he said.

''I do not think having it in the area will have any benefits whatsoever, and the sound from both the Parklands site and the stadium will echo through surrounding suburbs.

''However, if we are to get Parklands, it renews the need for the light rail to come here because it would service an area which does not have the best public transport system.''

The light rail was expected to run along Broadbeach-Nerang Rd.

Among the events set to be held at Carrara are the Big Day Out, which attracts 55,000 and the Gold Coast Show which attracts 56,000.

Metricon Stadium has capacity for more than 25,000 people.


What is this "light rail = better transport" mentality?  The same thing can be achieved with buses for low density paddocks like this suburb which I also happen to live in.

Bob La Castra and the other councillors have been virtually invisible on better bus services, but are happy to demand costly infrastructure which has no feasibility in the corridor they are asking for and then accusing the state of ignoring us when LRT to Carrara is inevitably rejected for being a waste of money.

When there is only a need for LRT because of major events a few hours each week, you have got to ask serious questions about why buses can't just do the job.

Something I hope to bring to the council's attention when I meet them shortly.
Ride the G:


Already submitted a dummy spit comment to the Bulletin along those lines.  The more the merrier.

Maybe light rail to Nerang would be good one day, but until such time as a frequent bus route is approaching capacity it is madness.

And as for light rail to a part time venue, get real!

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