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Article: Griffith Uni station faces parking snag

Started by colinw, May 11, 2011, 08:06:49 AM

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The results of the poll attached to this article are somewhat disturbing.

QuoteGOOD luck trying to park and ride if you drive to the new rapid transit station at Griffith University -- there's unlikely to be a spot in sight.

Instead, the State Government says, commuters can catch a bus.

There will be a new privately built carpark servicing the new hospital but health sources are concerned about the 2229-bay multi-storey facility's ability to cope.

''The carpark was planned for the sole purpose of accommodating hospital users, not members of the public wanting to use the light rail,'' the Sun's source said.

Work is already progressing on the $1.2 billion hospital and transit station, and carpark construction begins in August. Carparking has been a major concern in the area for many years.

A Gold Coast Rapid Transit spokesman confirmed parking would not be provided at the university station during the first stage of the $1.67 billion rail project.

He said users of the hospital station between University Drive and Alumni Place, and the Griffith University station between Engineering Drive and Smith Street, on Parklands Drive, would have to rely on the private parking facility.

The stations are about 400m apart.

However, Griffith University has announced an expansion to its own carparking and is campaigning for students to use public transport.

Deputy vice-chancellor and campus provost Ned Pankhurst said a high proportion of students would live along the light rail corridor and use light rail, reducing the need for carparking.

''The university has invested heavily in improving and expanding carparking to manage our campus growth, and continues to promote sustainable transport options,'' he said.


I wouldn't be concerned.  The GC is in the early days of a transport transformation ...
Half baked projects, have long term consequences ...
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Meh.  My fellow locals can crow and whinge all they like, the system is not going to accommodate their need to drive 1km down the road.

Its bad enough that parking spaces will be provided at Wardoo Street and that there are so many at the existing QR stations.  Locked up and wasted capital while buses sit in the yard.  Lunacy.
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Whats that? Some intelligent planning by the government. Sounds like there might actually be some proper feeder buses.
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