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Media Release 3rd Sep 2006 Road Congestion Charges

Started by ozbob, September 03, 2006, 08:56:44 AM

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Media Release 3rd September 2006

Road Congestion Charges

RAIL ? Back On Track (http://backontrack.org)  a web based community organisation for the promotion of rail throughout Australia has offered qualified support for the call by the RACQ to introduce a congestion fees on road users in Brisbane during peak hours.

Robert Dow, on behalf of RAIL Back On Track said:

?It is clear that the present transport policies are not sustainable in the longer term and action is needed now. Congestion fees will force more people on to an already straining public transport system.  Continuing the focus on only roads will exacerbate the growing congestion problems, and ignores the changes that will result from petrol, diesel and LPG price rises, and fuel shortages to come. If congestion fees were implemented those fees should be directed to funding transport alternatives, as well as roads as suggested by the RACQ.?

?The time is now for expanding the rail network throughout the state, and the nation. Frequent accessible public transport will encourage people to use it.  Complex fee collection and administrative systems just add more burdens to an already brow-beaten public.  Fuel price rises will be a big disincentive, let?s prepare now!?



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