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Article: Rethink transport habits

Started by colinw, April 14, 2011, 13:15:13 PM

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The Gold Coast Bulletin: Rethink transport habits

QuoteTHIS is a city that loves cars.

We jump in the car before we even think about public transport, unless today's boozy lunch day, of course.

Our love affair with the car has been spurred as a result of poor planning, quick growth and a failure by those in power to be a step ahead, instead operating three behind.

Terrible footpaths, inadequate bike tracks and a sluggish bus system have all contributed to our love affair with the car.

But there are baby steps toward structural change.

The biggest and most obvious is Rapid Transit.

We just have to make sure it is completed past stage one, connecting to the airport and the heavy rail lines for it to have any major impact.




Shannon Willoughby appears to have her head screwed on straight, which is a most welcome relief for a member of the Murdoch press.
Ride the G:

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