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Media Release 30 Aug 2006 - Standard Gauge Line

Started by ozbob, August 30, 2006, 19:51:03 PM

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Media Release  30 August 2006

RAIL ? Back On Track (http://backontrack.org)   a web based community
organisation for the promotion of rail throughout Australia has called for
the immediate implementation of the existing standard gauge rail corridor
from Acacia Ridge to Bromelton as a commuter railway service.

Robert Dow, on behalf of RAIL Back On Track said ?The Beaudesert Road and
Mt Lindsay Highway corridor is the only radial route out of Brisbane which
relies on one congested mode.  All other major routes have a corresponding
passenger rail line in use.  The standard gauge line to Sydney is an
opportunity to innovate and introduce a commuter rail service for
residents from Acacia Ridge, Browns Plains, Greenbank, West Logan,
Bromelton and adjoining suburbs. These areas are undergoing rapid housing

?The only way of commuting in these areas is by bus on congested roads.  A
rail service would give rapid, safe and equitable access for all residents
to sustainable public transport, and  would reduce traffic congestion and
support the communities.?

?The standard gauge line from Bromelton through Greenbank, and on to
Brisbane is an immediately available commuter line.  The line could be
dual gauged, or standard gauge interurban passenger sets run into
Yeerongpilly or Roma St for connecting services."

"It is there, let's use it!"



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