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POLL: Should the planners start again on the proposed timetables?

Started by somebody, January 30, 2011, 15:58:05 PM

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Should the planners start again on the proposed timetables?

Yes - proposal is unsatisfactory
4 (50%)
No - proposal is good
2 (25%)
No - proposal is mediocre, but better than present
2 (25%)
Something else
0 (0%)

Total Members Voted: 8

Voting closed: February 06, 2011, 15:58:05 PM


Discussions in this sub forum have identified a number of ways that things could be done better than the proposals in my opinion.  And the interim timetable for Richlands is acceptable.  I would be comfortable with keeping that for a few more months to get something better for the longer term.

I also think that separating off the Shorncliffe line has been premature, if the Richlands trains are to be Bowen Hills terminators (urgh!!).


Given the available infrastructure, the draft 2011 timetables are very good. The only exception is the CBD arrival and departure times of Sunshine Coast services.

Shorncliffe services have to be separated off now, otherwise the mains would need a second new timetable in 1 year.


What's wrong with keeping the Shorncliffe line trains on the mains until Kippa-Ring? That would be a well balanced service.

I've noticed that you don't have an answer for how the Sunshine Coast trains could adjust their arrival times in the CBD in peak.


Other issues are:
1) far too much fat is being added to the timetables.  4 minutes between Ipswich & Darra and vice versa, 1 minute Towoong-Taringa outbound  :thsdo.  A good factor is that the timetable is being sped up by 1 minute heading inbound from Roma St to Central.  3 minutes to do this 800m trip was pretty outrageous.  I do understand them adding some time to the timetable beyond Darra - heading inbound every train from Ipswich was a couple of minutes late.  But I think 4 minutes is going too far.  It also remains unclear why the inbound trip cannot be achieved as quickly as the previous/current weekday outbound trip, which is 13 minutes Central-Indooroopilly, in spite of the very annoying 1 minute dwell at Roma St.  Obviously, this is done so that a late running service catches up to the timetable before it gets to its terminus.

2) Counter peak service to Milton and Toowong is no better than 15 minute frequency.  This should be turn up and go, meaning no gaps of greater than 10 minutes.  Even a 10 minute service would be mediocre here, 8/hour should be the minimum acceptable frequency counter peak.

3) No full time express for Ipswich & Caboolture lines

4) Only a marginal increase for the Shorncliffe line.

5) Reduction in the numbers of the through services to Rosewood.  The shuttles require an extra change ends for the drivers and are far less appealing to passengers.  It is unclear why this is necessary or acceptable in the 21st Century.  Even a minute or two of delay for a driver change and/or locking the front 3 cars outbound (to prevent fouling level crossings at Karrabin, Thagoona and Rosewood) would be better than this.

6) All stopping Bowen Hills - Northgate in peak, except for Gympie North service

7) 10 minute trip from Bowen Hills to Central for the morning service from Gympie North.

8) While fat is being removed from the outbound Petrie-Caboolture leg, it is being put back on in the other direction.  Ipswich has four platforms, surely there is no issue with turnback capacity which requires this fat.  Seems completely illogical.

Am I missing anything?

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