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Article: Gold Coast in traffic-led meltdown

Started by colinw, January 03, 2011, 14:29:28 PM

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The Gold Coast Bulletin: Gold Coast in traffic-led meltdown

Lots of anti light rail whinging in the feedback to this one, as if the light rail system has anything to do with this mess.  Once the LRT is up and running, people will have a choice and be able to get through regardless of the road conditions.

QuoteTHE heart of the Gold Coast went into meltdown yesterday as a musical festival combined with beach hungry holidaymakers shut down major roads and almost stopped fire crews getting to a burning house.

Fire authorities sent crews on four different routes in the hope that one would be able to avoid the gridlock and get through to the blaze in an Admiralty Drive home at Paradise Waters, which contained a safe full of ammunition and firearms.

Crews made it with minutes to spare and contained the blaze.

All major roads heading in and out of Surfers Paradise were at a standstill as 30,000 revellers descended on the Spit for the Summafieldayze concert and up to 1000 people were at city's premier beach.

Traffic around Surfers Paradise and Southport was chaotic for most of the day.



The LRT doesn't even exist yet and they are blaming it for traffic congestion to a place where it doesn't even go.
Sounds like the stop LRT group on that one.
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Good, they accepted my comment:

Quote"What a load of nonsense the anti light rail rent-a-mob are talking. This traffic meltdown had nothing to do with the proposed light rail system, and would not have been made any worse by its presence. However, if the LRT was up and running, people would at least have a choice and be able to travel regardless of the road conditions. Buses, on the other hand, are stuck in the traffic with everyone else. Bring on the light rail, and extend it to Helensvale & Tweed Heads! The car has had its day."

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