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Article: Our City, Our Future: Part 5

Started by colinw, January 07, 2011, 15:13:20 PM

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A vision of the Gold Coast once the Light Rail is up & running and has been extended...

The Gold Coast Bulletin: Our City, Our Future: Part 5

QuoteIMAGINE it's a few years from now -- a time distant enough to allow positive speculation rather than pointless fantasy -- and the Gold Coast's "glass half empty" days are long gone.

Not that the glass is half full. Instead, the city is no longer doing things by halves, the glass reaching a level beyond debate and approaching a fruition marked by real optimism and opportunity.

Better still, it doesn't feel as if the Coast is merely on the upward slope of yet another boom-bust cycle.

This time the rise feels more permanent and palpable, the effect of a city no longer arrogant one day and naive the next about its identity, appeal or significance, but one finally aware of how such qualities must be earned and sustained.

The evidence of positive change is everywhere.

I now live at Broadbeach, having traded the outer acreage suburbs for the more convenient inner-city apartment lifestyle befitting someone of my vintage, and each day I travel to work on the Ron Clarke Gold Coast Rapid Transit System.

(The former mayor apparently sanctioned the title while his council colleagues were abroad on fact-finding missions).

The light rail has extended its initial configuration connecting Broadbeach, Surfers, Southport and Griffith University Hospital at Parkwood to include stations at Helensvale and Burleigh Heads.

The Coolangatta link is under construction and its opening is planned to coincide with that of Coolangatta Airport's new international terminal and extended runway system.

With feeder lines extending into suburbs and shuttle bus services operating from every station, the success of the light rail in easing traffic congestion and moving tens of thousands of people each day, all the while greatly reducing environmental impact, begs the question as to why successive governments and councils procrastinated over it.



with the current State Government perhaps it should have started as
"Once upon a time..."   :-r


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