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Author Topic: Media Release 27 August 2006 - Transport the sleeper issue  (Read 3144 times)

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Media Release 27 August 2006 - Transport the sleeper issue
« on: August 27, 2006, 09:28:55 AM »
RAIL Back On Track -  Transport the sleeper issue of this years Queensland election
Media Release  27 August 2006

RAIL - Back On Track (http://backontrack.org)   web based community organisation for the promotion of rail throughout Australia has called for a clear articulation of transport policies of all political parties and candidates in the Queensland Election.

Robert Dow, on behalf of RAIL Back On Track said "There are issues other than health and water.  Transport is the sleeper issue of this year's Queensland election campaign.  Feedback at RAIL Back On Track has confirmed this. There has been a long period of neglect of our transport options in Queensland. Yes, some movement with the upgrades of the north coast line, the Gold Coast line, and the go-ahead for the Darra Springfield line, and the duplication on the Ferny Grove line."

"However, many of our railways throughout the state have either been closed, or are in a serious state of neglect. It will be a sound investment for the future to revitalise our rail network. Increasing energy shortages, not the least of which will be prohibitive price of petrol/diesel/LPG, will see a return of freight and passengers to rail.  Roads are generally made from by products of oil refining; this is also not sustainable in the longer term."

 "The south east corner, particularly Brisbane needs to review the suburban rail network with a view to increasing train frequencies and properly integrating buses, and expanding the network."

"Other matters raised by electors include, the Redcliffe Railway, a light railway from Bellbowrie to Indooroopilly, a Sunshine Coast railway, extension of the Ferny Grove line to Samford, and co-ordination of local commuter mini-buses to overcome the problems with parking at bus interchanges and railway stations.  Underutilisation of the Airtrain City Link service is forcing many onto the roads with the ensuing traffic congestion and environmental costs.  Extension of the Nambour trains to Gympie should be undertaken forthwith.  A regular interurban service from Maryborough West to Brisbane be instituted.   This area lacks the necessary transport to access services in Brisbane.  The standard gauge line from Bromelton through Greenbank and on to Brisbane is an immediately available commuter line."

"The transport of long haul freight throughout the state needs to be transferred back to rail.  This will take pressure of the roads and make a positive environmental impact.  All present country passenger services need to be retained and expanded. This will maintain the vital railway transport links for all throughout Queensland" said Robert Dow.


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