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Author Topic: Article: Hard times for southern Tas tourism railway  (Read 2882 times)

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Article: Hard times for southern Tas tourism railway
« on: February 03, 2008, 06:18:02 PM »
From ABC News click here!

Hard times for southern Tas tourism railway

Hard times for southern Tas tourism railway

The operator of the historic Ida Bay Railway in Tasmania's far south says she will be forced to walk away unless she can get funding to help upgrade the state-owned track.

Meg Thornton leased the former Limstone railway in early 2005 and has since been upgrading the track and building a cafe and accommodation at the site.

But Mrs Thornton says the track still needs constant up-keep and she's been unable to get funding grants, partly because of the fact that it is state-owned infrastructure.

She is hoping the State Government will offer to help.

"I just need for them to realise the importance of Ida Bay Railway, not only to the history of Tasmania and to the far south, but the people who are coming here," Mrs Thorton said.

The Tasmanian Greens leader Peg Putt says the State Government needs to realise the value of its tourism rail infrastructure.

"There's a role for the Government is supporting tourism railways around Tasmania and in particular the Ida Bay Railway who pay lease fees to the Government, it's a heritage listed line and it does need the Government to put in to that line up-keep," Ms Putt said.

Ida Bay Railway --> http://www.idabayrailway.com.au/
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