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Author Topic: Flyer Darra-Springfield transport corridor, Stage 1, Issue 10, October 2010  (Read 1148 times)

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From the Queensland Parliament Hansard.

Questions without notice

Public Expenditure, Advertising

Mr SPRINGBORG: My question without notice is to the Minister for Transport. I refer the minister
to this brochure for the Inala electorate which features the member for Inala in her capacity as the local
MP, and it relates to the Darra-Springfield transport corridor stage 1. Is the minister aware that this

brochure contravenes state government advertising guidelines? Will the minister explain why taxpayer
funds are being used to promote Labor MPs in their local electorates?

Tabled paper: Advertising flyer regarding the Darra-Springfield transport corridor, Stage 1, Issue 10, October 2010.

Ms NOLAN: This is a tremendous project being built by the Labor government, being financed by
the Labor government, because we—
Mr Lucas: It connects to the rest of the system, too.

Ms NOLAN: That is right. We are doing this because we have a clear economic strategy that is
delivering transport infrastructure for Queenslanders. The remarkable thing from the opposition’s point
of view about the extension of rail now under construction to Richlands and, as we announced in our
budget last year, which is being brought forward by two years to go all the way out to Springfield is that
this railway line connects into the broader network. The other remarkable thing about this piece of
transport infrastructure is that the Labor government is delivering it like we said we would, not with an
asterisk and the words ‘subject to global financial crisis’ in the way that members of the opposition have
tended to promise transport infrastructure in the past.

This is a critical piece of transport infrastructure which will open up public transport to the growing
communities of the western corridor. It is in fact the first new rail spur line to have been built since at
least the Second World War, although I think it is probably longer ago than that. Richlands is the first
stage and Springfield is the second, but this railway line will ultimately connect—
Mr SPRINGBORG: Mr Speaker, I rise to a point of order. I suspect that the minister is answering
a totally different question. Would she like me to actually read it again? It relates to whether there has
been a breach of the state government advertising guidelines. It should be something which is very
clear to the minister because the Premier has pointed out these guidelines only recently.

Mr SPEAKER: There is no point of order.

Ms NOLAN: As I said, the project will connect to Springfield and then it will go further, connecting
the growing Ripley Valley back into the main line at Ipswich, making Ipswich the only regional centre in
the country that has the benefit of a rail loop line, with all of the public transport benefits that that

The member for Inala has been a strong advocate of this project and is part of a government that
is delivering this critical project. This brochure simply provides information about the project to the
community and it invites people to find out further information about it. That strikes me as essentially

Further Answer to Question; Public Expenditure, Advertising
Hon. AM BLIGH (South Brisbane—ALP) (Premier and Minister for the Arts) (11.40 am), by leave:
I rise in relation to advertising material that was tabled earlier in question time by the Deputy Leader of
the Opposition. Now that I have had an opportunity to look at the material in detail it is my view that it
does constitute a clear breach of the guidelines. I am advised by the minister that she did not approve
the material herself. Nevertheless, in my view it is unacceptable. I have directed that no more of these
are to be distributed and that the material is to be withdrawn from the Department of Transport website.
I will also be issuing a reminder today to all ministers, chiefs of staff and directors-general
outlining the requirements as specified in the guidelines and my expectation that the requirements will
be upheld. I thank the member for Southern Downs for bringing it to my attention.
Mr Seeney interjected.
Mr SPEAKER: The member for Callide will cease interjecting.

I think I will frame my copies of the flyer now ...  it has a photograph of the Member of Inala inset on the front page.  This is the breach I think.

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Courier Mail --> Anna Bligh orders ministers Annastasia Palaszczuk and Rachel Nolan to pay up over newsletter breach
Half baked projects, have long term consequences ...
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