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450 BUZ

Started by somebody, August 29, 2010, 18:56:38 PM

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I say this should extend along Sumners Rd to Darra station, even though this is a double back for part of the journey.  This makes much more sense post Richlands when Darra has a 15 minute frequency.  This would also serve the Sumners Rd part of the route 460's pax.

Also, I have heard that Translink have had plans to reroute in the 453 portion.  I would presume this would mean from Wongaburra St, (L) Curragundi Rd, (R) Arrabri Av, into Mt Ommaney shops and then as per current route.  Reduces the amount of zig-zagging the route does, and still provides an adequate service to those whose stops would be closed.  Perhaps not so good at Drysdale St, but you can't do everything.


There are too many buses with too many numbers in the morning in this area!
What happened to simplicity. BUZ the 450, and extend it all the way to the railway station.
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