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Media Release 25 August 2006 - Local Commuter Mini-Buses

Started by ozbob, August 25, 2006, 18:50:35 PM

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RAIL Back On Track
Media Release  25 August 2006
Local Commuter Mini-Buses

RAIL ? Back On Track (http://backontrack.org)   a web based community organisation for the promotion of rail throughout Australia has called for the introduction of local mini-bus routes to  transport people to and from railway stations and bus station hubs throughout the Brisbane metropolitan area.

Robert Dow, on behalf of RAIL Back On Track said   ?There is a need to provide local transport to and from the stations (rail and bus), so that people can access efficient railway transport and buses, without concerning themselves with parking vehicles at railway stations or bus interchanges.  Most railway stations in the Brisbane have either non or minimal parking facilities.  What car parks are available fill quickly and people are forced to park in shopping centres and roadways near the stations.?

?A successful model of this proposal is the Brisbane City Loop bus.  These commuter minibuses would be included in the normal Translink ticketing arrangements. The minimisation of expensive land resumptions to provide parking spaces will help offset costs.  As the fuel crisis bites, this will become a critical requirement.?

?Translink, the Brisbane City Council and the Government should address this as a priority.?


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Half baked projects, have long term consequences ...
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This is a great local initiative PPT service.  But needs to be  expanded into regular services to enable folks to get to and from stations. Well done BCC on these initiatives.  But Maxi Taxi's are limited in number, have other roles.  We really need a fleet of dedicated minibuses to get folks to and from railway stations throughout the metropolitian area. Something constructive though!

Brisbane City Council News Article  25th August 2006
more at  http://www.brisbane.qld.gov.au/newsroom/home/news_detail.asp?ID=510

Brisbane City Council is expanding the popular low-cost Personalised Public Transport (PPT) service, with a trial set to start in four new suburbs from next week September.

New services will run in Calamvale, Kangaroo Point, Karana Downs and Wynnum Manly.

Public Transport Committee Chairperson, Councillor Victoria Newton, said Council would partner with Black & White Cabs to offer the service on a fixed route basis.

"The idea of this service is to provide residents with a convenient, low-cost transport option in suburbs where public transport is limited," Cr Newton said.

"For just $1 each way, residents can hail a PPT Maxi Cab from anywhere along the fixed routes, including bus stops.

"The PPT Maxi Cabs are also wheelchair accessible and air-conditioned to ensure a comfortable ride for Brisbane residents.

"As the expanded service is being offered on a trial basis, we?re encouraging residents to get on board and use the services regularly to ensure they?re viable in the longer term."

The new PPT services will start on Saturday 2 September at Wynnum-Manly and the other services will start on Monday 4 September ...  
Half baked projects, have long term consequences ...
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