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Getting more out of the harbour bridge pair of tracks

Started by somebody, August 19, 2010, 14:51:17 PM

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A bit of an off the wall suggestion, but:

It has been suggested on Railpage that the airport line feed in to the harbour bridge, as well as what currently runs through Wynyard platforms 3 & 4.  If achievable, this is a plan worthy of considering.

That would also allow capacity for the NWRL.


What is the tightest headway across the bridge at present in peak?

Is it feasible to add an airport <=> NWRL pairing without diluting existing peak service on the north shore - or would construction of the NWRL effectively force a new harbour crossing to be built (even if its the eastern side of the bridge?)


It's about 18tph.  The idea depends on bifurcation Milson's Point-Chatswood really.  I would say that if you are going to do the bifurcation, you may as well quad it.

Should have mentioned that in the OP.


What do you propose - splitting Hornsby via North Shore & ECRL to separate pairs of tracks from Milson's Point?

If we assume 3 minute headways for each of the two tracks on the bridge, that only gives 10 tph to each of ECRL/NWRL & Hornsby via North Shore.

That should be reliable from the point where the lines split, but I wouldn't be relying on it over the bridge.


I was thinking more like this upgrade would allow 30tph over the bridge.  It's really the stations that limit the capacity - fix that, and more trains can use the bridge.  So 20tph proceeding to Strathfield, and 10tph proceeding to the Airport.

EDIT: So, new stations/platforms through the CBD - possibly using 20-23 or 26/27 at Central, and probably 1/2 at Wynyard with a quad Milsons Point-Chatswood.  Is it clear now?  I question the constructability of this, but if it can be done, maybe it should.

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