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Article: Gold Coast Bulletin: Coast mayor wants Feds to build rail link

Started by colinw, August 05, 2010, 09:03:27 AM

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Article in today's Gold Coast Bulletin :- click here.

QuoteCoast mayor wants Feds to build rail link

August 5th, 2010

GOLD Coast mayor Ron Clarke wants the Federal Government to build the 'missing link' -- the final rail connection from Varsity Lakes to Coolangatta, saying the State's plan to build it by 2031 was 'completely unacceptable'.

With the Prime Minister and Opposition promising support for the Redcliffe rail line on Brisbane's northside, Mayor Clarke says the Gold Coast's needs are greater.

''The expectations of both State and Federal Governments is that there will be a further 350,000 residents on the Gold Coast by 2031,'' said Cr Clarke.
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''This is far higher than their predictions for other regions. These estimates continue to be supported by the 15,000 plus people settling on the Gold Coast every year.

''This proven growth pattern makes the Varsity-Coolangatta rail extension critical,'' he said.

"Last month, Infrastructure Australia labelled this rail extension as the only public transport project it viewed as having a 'sound long term priority'.

"So where are our sitting Federal MPs or candidates on this issue? Why aren't they beating down the Prime Minister's door, or the Opposition Leader's, to gain a commitment for this essential rail line extension?''

Mayor Clarke said the recently-released State Government South East Queensland Infrastructure Plan and Program (SEQIPP) provided little comfort for Gold Coasters.

"It lists the Elanora to Coolangatta section as being delivered as late as 2031, eight years later than what was envisaged just two years ago,'' he said.

"By then, more than 300,000 additional people will be living in this area. Imagine the M1 congestion by then with no rail line alternative connecting both the airport and the city?

"That is virtually akin to transferring the entire population of the Moreton Bay Regional Council into our region.

"Further, the 2010 SEQIPP also lists the first stage of the airport connection, from Robina to Elanora, as not being delivered until as late as 2026.

"That's completely unacceptable.''


YES, he's right on the bulls-eye!  The GC needs all the heavy rail (and light) it can get!  With a Fed Elect upon us, now's the time to be putting the hard-word on both Julia and Tony!  :-t
SEQ, where our only "fast-track" is in becoming the rail embarrassment of Australia!   :frs:

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