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Metrobus Network (Sydney) ~ set to expand to 13 routes

Started by Sunbus610, July 23, 2010, 11:07:01 AM

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The popular Metrobus Network is expanding to 13 routes, providing a total of 8,000 more bus services across Sydney.

Passengers want more frequent buses and more direct services, and the metrobus network will deliver this by expanding to other regions of Sydney, bringing them a high frequency, comfortable and affordable alternative to regular bus routes and train services.

The expanded Metrobus network will reach as far as Parramatta, Bankstown and Liverpool in the west, Hornsby in the north, Bondi Junction and Randwick in the east, Hurstville and Sutherland to the south of Sydney's CBD.

Key features for the Metrobus Network include:

High frequency - depart every 10 minutes during peak times
Safe and comfortable - buses are brand new with digital CCTV
Easy to use - Provide on-board announcements about the next stop
Wheelchair friendly - low floors providing wheelchair and pram access

Read more HERE
Information brochure HERE
Expansion map HERE


Let's hope we see a similar thing happen with Brisbane City Council's CityGlider bus service in the near future  :-t
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This is a good idea.
Sydney needs to get a proper integrated ticketing system. The costs IMHO of tickets in Sydney IMHO is also extortionate.
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Excuse me people, the Metrobus concept is inferior to the BUZ concept.  I especially like serving all stops, and only 20 minute frequency off peak.

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