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4 Apr 2010: SEQ: North West Corridor - congestion buster

Started by ozbob, April 04, 2010, 05:16:36 AM

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Media Release 4 April 2010

SEQ:  North West Corridor - congestion buster

RAIL Back On Track (http://backontrack.org) a web based community support group for rail and public transport and an advocate for public transport commuters has suggested the preserved Trouts road corridor is well suited for heavy rail.

Robert Dow, Spokesman for RAIL Back On Track said:

"The recent growth management summit highlighted the need for Queensland to move to a more connected and convenient public transport system. This means moving more people out of congested roads and tunnels and onto more frequent buses, ferries, and in particular, trains."

"The announcements by the Queensland Government about the Cross River Rail link and the promised still to be delivered 83 400 new seats on trains every week are welcome. Many people in Brisbane can't take advantage of these initiatives though simply because they have no rail service within easy reach of their suburb. Train frequency is also often poor. In particular, residents of the North Western suburbs often find themselves in cars or buses stuck in congestion on Kelvin Grove and Enoggera Roads."

"Rail Back on Track wishes to highlight the preserved Trouts road corridor for a potential new rail line and feeder bus network directly linking the Ferny Grove line at Enoggera to the Caboolture/Sunshine Coast line at Bald Hills. Residents of suburbs such as Everton Park, Stafford Heights, Mc Dowall, Chermside West, Aspley, Bridgeman Downs, Eatons Hill, Albany Creek, Carseldine stand to benefit from such a service (1)."

"Although it has been proposed that this corridor be used for a North Western Freeway potentially connecting to a tunnel, such a solution is straight out of the 1960s Wilbur Smith Plan and would likely involve some form of tunnel tolling (2). We need to move away from such 1960s planning to a more people and TOD-oriented transport network that can facilitate urban decentralisation and mass transit for everyone."

"Its time to get rail back on track!"

Snapshot of a future North Western line:

* Reliable, high-capacity, rapid public transport link connecting the north-western suburbs through to the central business district. Direct links to the Cabooluture, Sunshine Coast and and Ferny Grove lines would be present at either end of the line

* Complement the Ferny Grove rail line by providing additional public transport capacity in the inner north-western suburbs

* Collect passengers from bus services in the northern suburbs onto trains, and bypass all road traffic and congestion on Enoggera and Kelvin Grove Roads. A dedicated rail link means higher speeds and more capacity than a buses in a bus lane while still allowing access to street stops using feeder buses.

* Reduce car travel demand on Kelvin Grove Road and Enoggera Road, as well as provide easy connections to any other part of Brisbane via the rail network and the proposed Cross River Rail tunnels.

* Complements the proposed veloway by allowing bicycles to use the train, something that cannot be done with the bus.

* Allow safe access for all with a disability compliant, CCTV monitored, safe and high-capacity facility to accomodate future growth in demand

* Support the construction of TODs and urban renewal at locations along the length of the line;  For example the disused warehouse facility on the corner of Stafford & South Pine Roads may be suitable for a TOD development.


1.  http://www.transport.qld.gov.au/Home/Projects_and_initiatives/Projects/Western_brisbane_transport_network_investigation/Western_brisbane_transport_network_strategy_projects#project_11

2.  http://www.mainroads.qld.gov.au/~/media/files/business-and-industry/technical-publications/queensland-roads-technical-journal/march-2009/hobmar0903qldroads.pdf


Robert Dow
Half baked projects, have long term consequences ...
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Half baked projects, have long term consequences ...
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I went out to the corridor today to have a look.  Wide corridor, double track would fit comfortably ..

Some photographs around Everton Park  Flockston St

EMU01 on a Ferny Grove Service at Gaythorne

Photographs R Dow 9th April 2010
Half baked projects, have long term consequences ...
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From the North West News 14th April 2010 pages 1 and 3

On track

Thanks for the interest North West News!
Half baked projects, have long term consequences ...
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Trouts Rd Corridor

Front page!
A few local concerns over noise though, would be noisier with a freeway.
I doubt a cut and cover tunnel will fly, the corridor is wide enough for rail and bikeway to be side by side.

QuoteThe Northern Link is a potential solution that serves some of these functions as well
as providing some radial capacity to relieve congestion on Milton Road and
Coronation Drive. It should, however, be assessed for priority against other options
such as a more north-south oriented tunnel that links the Western Freeway to Stafford
Road and the preserved Trouts Road corridor
I'm not a TMR. Negative people... have a problem for every solution. Posts are commentary and are not necessarily endorsed by RAIL Back on Track or its members.

Jon Bryant

Noise, pollution and traffic from a rail line is going to be far far far less than a freeway.  Oppose rail guarentees it becomes a road.


Interesting ...... Ozbobs post with the North West News article looks interesting but the jpg file for Page 1 is not legible - is this just my computer ??  the second article  page 3 comes up fine  ;)

Presume the NW News is not "on the web" ?


The North West News can be found here, it is a flash plug in then click on the page ..

The image is generated from the PDF and unfortunately at times not the best quality, nothing we can do about that.

Go here -->   http://north-west-news.whereilive.com.au/ scroll down for the current edition, be quick it changes each week.

The article is now online as well

From the South West News click here!

Call for railway in Trouts Rd corridor

Call for railway in Trouts Rd corridor
14 Apr 10 @ 10:51am by Marnie Ludgate

A BRISBANE rail lobby group has set its sights on the Trouts Rd transport corridor from Everton Park to Aspley for future rail.

Rail Back on Track sees potential in a rail link between the Ferny Grove rail line at Enoggera and the Caboolture line at Bald Hills.

The State Government has 14 years to construct a transport corridor through the area, as outlined in the Western Brisbane Transport Network Investigation and will consider bus, road and rail infrastructure.

Rail Back on Track spokesman Robert Dow said an investment in rail would provide public transport options for people faced with congestion on Kelvin Grove and Enoggera roads.

"Public transport and rail is an important factor in managing sustainable population growth,'' Mr Dow said.

"We now need more sustainable transport options that are not road dependent.''

To date, there is no detailed government plan or funding for the transport corridor, which is predominantly state-owned land that was preserved almost 40 years ago for use as a future transport corridor.

Public opinion remains divided on the issue.

Some residents support the plan while others are concerned about noise, traffic and pollution near their homes. Residents who spoke to the News were wary, saying they did not want to see the green space lost.
Half baked projects, have long term consequences ...
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Thanks Ozbob,
  Really the sign (on front page of the North West News - piccy with yourself ) or here http://backontrack.org/images/tr/9apr10/tr2.jpg


Contact ....The Department of Main Roads, Spring Hill

Naturally a new Transport Corridor would be a Road ....lol .... they may wish they (Main Rds ) hadn't put up a sign now  ;)


Half baked projects, have long term consequences ...
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