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Author Topic: Article: Traveston rail stop on death row  (Read 26664 times)

Offline Gazza

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Re: Article: Traveston rail stop on death row
« Reply #120 on: April 09, 2020, 05:03:40 PM »
Wish they'd closed it  :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(

Online Stillwater

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Re: Article: Traveston rail stop on death row
« Reply #121 on: April 13, 2020, 09:34:26 AM »
It had a local heritage listing. QR had an obligation to restore the building. After the termites had a good chew, there wasn't much of the original left. Yandina and Cooroy stations, which have received a lick of paint in recent years, remain largely as they were back when. The paint colours of the Cooroy Station today are the original colours. (They scraped back the paint layers to check.)

If you want to see Gympie's original station, you have to drive into town. It is no longer on the main NCL.  It is the HQ of the Mary Valley Heritage Railway, home of 'The Rattler'. The Gympie Railway Station is the largest timber station building in Queensland, I believe.

To see Pomona's old railway station, it has become the Old Railway Station Gallery - home of the creative arts in town. It was hauled to its current site, opposite where it was, and 'repurposed'. Pomona now has a new railway station, as does Cooran.

The stations north of Nambour are in pretty good nick and brand new in the case of Cooran, Pomona and Eumundi (also on a new alignment). The old railway station in town is still there, on the site of the Eumundi Markets, which occupy what was the goods yard and 'inland port' for places such as Kenilworth.

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Re: Article: Traveston rail stop on death row
« Reply #122 on: April 18, 2020, 05:44:06 PM »
 :-t  They have done a great job with the temporary platform removals and replacement and the NCL railway station tidy-ups.

Offline Matt

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Re: Article: Traveston rail stop on death row
« Reply #123 on: September 08, 2020, 11:56:20 AM »
From the Gympie Times click here!

Traveston rail stop on death row


How hard would it be to slot in either a prefab waiting room, or a donated shed, it's obvious that people are put off by the dilapidated condition of the station, so how about making an effort QR.
Traveston rail stop on death row

Carly Morrissey | 25th March 2010

QUEENSLAND Rail has warned Gympie Regional Council it will not upgrade the Traveston train station and means to close it down.

QR has just finished a study to determine whether the station’s heritage-listed waiting room can be retained, despite its dilapidated state.

The council had earlier written to QR asking about the future of the Traveston station and QR’s reply recommended closing it down at some time in the future.

The letter stated TransLink had informed QR that upgrading the station to required standards was not feasible, given the “extremely low level” of passenger traffic using the station, as well as the considerable cost involved in any upgrade.

In its correspondence to the council, QR noted that Cooran station was only about five kilometres from Traveston and had disability access and bus transfer services. These services were not available at the Traveston station.

Deputy Mayor Tony Perrett said there was no plan for Traveston station, but this was not unexpected.

Cr Graham Engeman said it was a shame the “required standards” would affect everyone who used the facility.

He said it had been used for many years, although it was not up to standard. It was a question of what the government could afford, he said.

Julie Walker said unfortunately the weather boards of the old waiting room had suffered considerable termite damage, so the structure was no longer “perfectly good”.

She said her son used the station and now would have to 5km further to Cooran.

The dilapidated waiting room is covered in pigeon droppings and has been cordoned off for safety for some time. Now, however, people waiting for trains have to do so out in the open.


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