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Started by ozbob, February 08, 2010, 19:27:13 PM

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Quote from: verbatim9 on October 28, 2020, 20:27:56 PM
Stop 41 Adelaide Street outbound has a solar panel and a real time e-paper timetable as well.

I just noticed the other day that the e paper trial at this stop has been removed. Is the trial already over? Is there any conclusions to the trial? Is Translink and Q connect going to roll this technology out to Bus and Ferry stops around the State? I hope so!?


Envisaged onboard dynamic  PIDs for Bus, Ferries, Trams and Trains Statewide.

These dynamic PIDs are quite versatile. As well as delivering next stop information, they have the ability to deliver general service notifications, general information and advertising. This model of PID fits in with TMRs strategy with a mixture of service, general announcements as well as digital advertising to generate extra revenue



^^Be great to see next generation dynamic PIDs like this implemented statewide on all modes.of public transport.


These PIDs are great for the next to pledged 20 trains  I like the fact they indicate what carriage you are located in, as well as the ability to show promotional material which is important for revenue streams.



Good news the e-paper trial at the test stops were a success. A strategic deployment state-wide will happen later this year.


New internal dynamic PIDs being rolled out on Sydney Trains.

Queensland is so far behind in this. Plus no internal next stop information on buses, except for on 4 trial electric buses in the CBD.

We still have guards on trains screaming down the PA overriding and repeating real time info. 🤪



Half baked projects, have long term consequences ...
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