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Go card readers obviously not suited to outside locations

Started by Mozz, November 25, 2009, 03:55:11 AM

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Normally you have to wait 30sec to know if you have touched on or off. Then another 30sec to cancel a touch on at a station. Buses immediately on the driver terminal. (Sometimes I check on a vending machine or online on the Go card status).


Update: That fixed fare I got at Milton two posts ago? That actually got counted as a touch off. I got a second fixed fare attempting to touch off at Ferny.

In conclusion: the readers need to more clearly indicate touch on/off status.


Aldonius - I trust that you'll be applying for a refund of both charges?
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Yeah, I submitted a request. The first one I'm willing to put down to my own stupidity. The second, yes, refund desired.

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