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Author Topic: 6 Aug 2009: SEQ: Public transport powers on!  (Read 1941 times)

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6 Aug 2009: SEQ: Public transport powers on!
« on: August 06, 2009, 04:03:18 AM »
Media Release 6 August 2009

SEQ:  Public transport powers on!

RAIL Back On Track (http://backontrack.org) a web based community support group for rail and public transport and an advocate for public transport users has welcomed the statement from the Minister for Transport highlighting the sustained increases in patronage across all modes of our public transport network (1).

Robert Dow, Spokesman for RAIL Back On Track said:

"Public transport is cost effective.  The reduction in congestion costs, environmental impacts and reduced expenditure for our over burdened health system far outweighs the cost of subsidies.  Public transport is safe relative to the basket case on our roads.  Public transport users are healthier, active transport at the beginning and end of journey pays off!  We should be doing our utmost in encouraging maximum utilisation of our public transport assets."

"RAIL Back On Track thanks and congratulates TransLink and all our public transport operators who keep the system functioning 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The community is grateful."

"It is significant that the 400,000 go card has been issued, but frankly a lot more can be done to encourage uptake of the go card.  The major problem with the go card is the fare structure.  For many it is simply not competitive with the paper integrated ticketing.  To gain the maximum value of our investment in the go card system a fare structure that beats the paper integrated ticketing is needed.  This will drive further uptake and gains in public transport efficiency."

"There are other ticketing initiatives that can be implemented.  Capping and early, late and off peak incentive fares for the go card would assist in congestion management.  Other states have significant concessions for Seniors and Families.  Queensland is lagging badly in these positive approaches. Public transport in south-east Queensland has some slack on weekends, and it will be no additional load for our public transport generally to make better ticketing concessions available.  It will assist families and senior citizens to get out and about, visit family and friends, and have more healthy life styles. It will assist them in this time of financial stress (2)."

"Congestion and overloading on the busways at peaks suggests were are approaching a capacity restraint on that mode.  We have a lot of reserve capacity on our Citytrain network.  Rail expansion will the be next significant phase of our public transport network evolution.  We also have rail assets that are underutilised.  As will be demonstrated in the forthcoming week or so the Exhibition loop line is one way of increasing in an innovative way services through the CBD.  Regular Exhibition loop rail services with a re-creation of a railway station at Normanby is smart! (3).  It will also assist in relieving the bus congestion and overloading between Herston and the CBD."

"All major cities of the world are undergoing a transport revolution.  Brisbane is no different. These days are exciting transport times!"


1.  http://statements.cabinet.qld.gov.au/MMS/StatementDisplaySingle.aspx?id=65565

2.  http://backontrack.org/mbs/index.php?topic=2555.0

3.  http://backontrack.org/mbs/index.php?topic=175.0


Robert Dow
Half baked projects, have long term consequences ...
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Re: 6 Aug 2009: SEQ: Public transport powers on!
« Reply #1 on: August 07, 2009, 03:59:18 AM »
From the Courier Mail click here!

Transport use booms but reliability of buses queried

Transport use booms but reliability of buses queried
Article from: The Courier-Mail

Ursula Heger

August 07, 2009 12:00am

PUBLIC satisfaction with buses has fallen, with reliability and efficiency dropping to their lowest level in a year, says a new survey.

The latest customer satisfaction survey released publicly today, the TransLink Tracker, shows buses are considered the southeast's most unreliable and inefficient form of public transport.

A survey of more than 3000 of the southeast's commuters by TransLink, released to The Courier-Mail, shows buses were ranked lowest in reliability, frequency, accessibility and efficiency, while trains were considered the worst for ease of use and cleanliness, safety and affordability.

The survey, which did not include taxis, showed satisfaction with on-time running and frequency scored the lowest satisfaction rate for all modes except ferries.

A spokesman for TransLink said efficiency could be improved.

"Recent surveys have shown us that TransLink customers rate proximity, reliability, efficiency and ease of use as the top four areas, followed by affordability in fifth," he said.

The State Government says it is confident overcrowding on the public transport network can be tackled, despite new figures showing record numbers of Queenslanders are relying on the system.

State Transport Minister Rachel Nolan said 181.9 million public transport trips were recorded across the network last year, an increase of over 12.5 million on the previous year.

"This year's growth included 8.6 per cent for buses, 5.2 per cent for rail and 4.8 per cent for ferries," she said.

Ms Nolan admitted that the burgeoning passenger numbers were putting pressure on the network, but said overcrowding was being addressed.

"Of course, this also places more pressure on the network but we have met that demand by boosting services to allow capacity for an additional 14.5 million trips across the TransLink network, which is an incredible achievement in itself.

"Rail trips were boosted by eight new train services . . . (leading) to a decrease in train crowding during peak periods from 43 per cent to 33 per cent in the past 12 months."

Buses carried more than half of all passengers last year, while 61 million passenger trips were recorded on trains and 6.6 million trips on ferries.
Half baked projects, have long term consequences ...
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