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Author Topic: Local, State and Federal Greens launch light rail plan for Brisbane  (Read 2065 times)

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Local, State and Federal Greens launch  visionary light rail plan for Brisbane


25 September 2007 - Four tiers of Greens candidates have launched The Greens? Light Rail plan for Brisbane this morning.

Green candidates Anne Boccabella (Brisbane Central by-election), Jo-Anne Bragg (Brisbane Lord Mayoral candidate), Elizabeth Guthrie (federal seat of Brisbane) and Larissa Waters (Senate candidate for Queensland) called for united government action on sustainable transport in the rapidly expanding city of Brisbane.

?The Greens? comprehensive light rail plan for Brisbane 2007-2020 services the CBD, inner city, middle and outer suburbs, filling in the gap between the heavy rail lines. Everyone will get the benefit of this plan,? said Jo-Anne Bragg, The Greens? Brisbane Lord Mayoral Candidate.

?Our plan shows real vision not tunnel vision and is better value than the disastrous TransApex mess created by Liberal and Labor,? said Ms Bragg.

?The current state government funding for road-based infrastructure like tunnels and bridges will massively increase in pollution in Brisbane Central and damage the health of residents and patients at Royal Brisbane Hospital,? said Brisbane Central by-election candidate, Anne Boccabella.

?I am concerned that if elected, Grace Grace will only rubber stamp the Beattie-Newman road deal - which sidelines real public transport solutions, and burdens us with massive debt. The Greens want cleaner transport solutions,? said Ms Boccabella.

?All levels of government need to focus on providing more sustainable, affordable transport options if we are to meet the challenge of climate change. The Greens in the Senate will fight for federal funding for public transport in Brisbane, such as this sophisticated light rail plan? said Larissa Waters, Greens lead Senate candidate.

Light rail in Portland, Oregon and San Diego are both great examples of extensive light rail networks being hugely successful in lower density urban areas ? much like the mid areas of Brisbane. Light rail is also more efficient than buses.

?Each year Brisbane City Council spends over $600 million on transport and the State Government spends over $3 billion. The Greens light rail plan would be funded through budget allocations over the next 10-15 years. The Greens would re-direct the $1.35 billion for the Northern and Eastern Busways to fund our visionary light rail plan, and seek a contribution from the federal government? concluded the candidates.

"For 21st century transport that is clean, fast and cheap - vote Green"

A copy of the Light Rail proposal is available at: http://www.qld.greens.org.au/election2007/policy-documents/LRail%2025%20Sept.pdf
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