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Author Topic: 27 Aug 2007: Brisbane: Input for New Citytrain Timetable  (Read 2054 times)

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27 Aug 2007: Brisbane: Input for New Citytrain Timetable
« on: August 27, 2007, 06:30:50 PM »
RAIL Back On Track - Media Release 27 August 2007

Brisbane: Input for New Citytrain Timetable

RAIL ? Back On Track (http://backontrack.org) a web based community organisation for the promotion of rail throughout Australia has called for community input to be solicited to inform the new Citytrain timetable due for March 2008.

Robert Dow said:

?A new Citytrain timetable is to be introduced in March 2008.  RAIL Back On Track has been systematically identifying obvious gaps in the present timetable and other congestion problems.  This has been informed by public and member feedback and has been the subject of a number of media releases and communications from our organisation (1).?

 ?It is obvious that the morning and afternoon peak times are now much wider in duration than when the present timetable was first implemented.  Passenger numbers are much greater and citizens are living further out from the CBD too.  Work, study and leisure hours are much more variable which means that the present limited early and late peak services are often overloaded.  Should a peak service be cancelled the congestion effects are massively amplified.?

?We call for the peak train frequencies to operate between 0530 and 0930 hours, and 1530 and 1930 hours Monday to Friday on all lines and during these periods the service frequency be at a level which will provide waiting periods of generally no more than ten minutes between services. Some lines will be at a higher frequency.?

 ?In between these peak periods during the week days frequency be such that there is no more than a fifteen minute wait between services on all lines of the network. Some lines will be at a higher frequency.?

?Before and after peak periods, and on weekends and public holidays, service frequency be no longer than twenty minutes between trains on all lines.?

?This broad revised timetable framework would allow commuters to disperse their patterns of travel, and match changing work and social life style patterns to accessible rail transport.?

?It would also allow the Citytrain system to cope with the massive projected increases in passenger numbers.?


1. http://backontrack.org/mbs/index.php?board=19.0


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