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Author Topic: Go Anna jobs and rail infrastructure  (Read 2029 times)

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Go Anna jobs and rail infrastructure
« on: March 19, 2009, 04:13:14 PM »
I for one am having a quite considerable problem rationalising the Premiers comments on employment with her Government's actions over the last 12 months, with particular relevance to rail infrastructure.
Caboolture - Landsborough duplication and realignment with work put on hold seemingly indefinately for the Beerburrum - Landsborough section with a loss of between 450 and 600 jobs
Springfield line works beyond Richlands slowed with a reduction in jobs for contractors employed on the project of between 50 and 100 jobs.
The northern coal line connector link between the Goonyella system and Newlands branch line has been put on hold with an estimated loss of 400 to 500 jobs
The line between Wandoan and Banana also appears to have been defered or delayed which would have provided between 600 and and 800 jobs.
So there is a potential loss of at least 1500 jobs.
Surely at this time with increasing unemployment bearing in mind the Premiers espousals about going into defecit to create jobs essential infrastructure should be being constructed not delayed or deferred adding to unemployment which seems rather to contradict and conflict with the Premiers declared intentions on employment.
It has also been of note that of late the Transport Minister has made no statements relating to rail until the last couple of days with a couple of statements made by Minister Mickel on Bus infrastructure that is being funded by the Commonwealth with the Premier making the only statements of any consequence relating to Rail.
Saturday will if nothing else be interesting.
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