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Ministerial Statement: Extra Services for 79,000 Commuters Begin Today

Started by ozbob, February 23, 2009, 04:34:21 AM

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Minister for Transport, Trade, Employment and Industrial Relations
The Honourable John Mickel

Extra Services for 79,000 Commuters Begin Today

Today marks the start of the Queensland Government's major package of bus and rail service enhancements across the TransLink network.

Transport Minister, John Mickel said the package will provide much needed capacity on some of the most popular public transport routes.

"This package will add additional and improved bus and rail services will be able to carry an extra 79,000 passengers a week - 64,000 on buses and 15,000 on trains," Mr Mickel said.

"The $6.8 million bus service enhancement package is TransLink's single biggest investment in bus services, with 26 new buses to service new and improved routes.

"Highlights of the new bus services include a new limited stop service, route 363 (Herston to Brisbane), and two new prepaid bus services, route 157 (Runcorn to Brisbane) and the first prepaid service on the north side of Brisbane, route 343 (Aspley to Brisbane).

"There are also significant improvements to the 140 (Browns Plains to Brisbane) bus corridor with 10 to 15 minute frequencies all day, seven days a week," Mr Mickel said.

Meanwhile on the urban rail network, a total of four new morning peak hour services on the busy Ipswich and Caboolture lines also begin today.

"The Queensland Government has listened to public feedback and have added capacity for an additional 3,000 passengers each weekday on the busy Ipswich and Caboolture lines," Mr Mickel said.

"We are serious about tackling traffic congestion by investing in public transport services and infrastructure.

"The Queensland Government is investing millions of dollars in new trains to deliver extra rail services. A total of 102 three-carriage trains are scheduled to be rolled out by 2016 to boost the total urban rail fleet by 70 per cent.

"The Queensland Government is also planning for the future by building significant public transport infrastructure.

"We are building the $226 million Boggo Road busway due to be open in mid 2009 and the $138 million Eastern Busway which is expected to be completed later this year, creating over 2,800 jobs.

"Combined these busways will cater for 600 buses, carrying 13,000 passengers a day, cutting travel times by up to 10 minutes during peak times.

"Work is also well under way on the $198 million Royal Children's Hospital to Windsor stage of the Northern Busway which, when complete will cut up to 20 minutes off peak time journeys for the 47,000 people a day who are expected to use the busway once it is complete," Mr Mickel said.

Commuters are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the bus and rail service enhancements by visiting www.translink.com.au or calling 13 12 30, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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