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ECQ Material and Regulations

Started by #Metro, October 23, 2023, 19:13:47 PM

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Fact Sheet 16 - State elections 
Authorisation of Election Matter

Election Matter

QuoteElection matter means anything able to, or intended to, influence an elector in relation to voting at an election, or affect the result of an election. 

QuoteThis fact relates to any person who authors any material intending to influence an elector in relation to voting at an election, or otherwise affect the result of an election during a State election period, or State by-election period. The information in this fact sheet does not replace legislation. If you are concerned about your obligations, you should seek independent legal advice.

Material to be Authorised

QuoteAny person who prints, publishes or distributes election material during an election period must ensure an authorisation is stated on the material.

Misleading Electors

QuoteIt is an offence to mislead electors by printing, publishing, distributing or broadcasting any material during an election period that is intended to, or likely to mislead an elector about the ways of voting at the election, or purports to be a representation of a ballot paper for use in an election if it is likely to induce an elector to cast an informal vote.

A person must not knowingly publish a false statement of fact about the personal character or conduct of a candidate, with the intent of affecting the election of that candidate. Publishing includes via the internet or social media. These rules carry significant penalties for non-compliance.


Electoral Commission of Queensland. Fact Sheet 16 - State elections: Authorisation of Election Matter
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