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3 Apr 2023: BCC NWTC Motorway Proposal ‘High Cost - Low Capacity'

Started by ozbob, April 03, 2023, 00:42:49 AM

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RAIL Back On Track Slams BCC NWTC Motorway Proposal as 'High Cost - Low Capacity'

3rd April 2023

RAIL Back On Track (http://backontrack.org) has slammed proposals for a North West Motorway as 'High Cost, Low Capacity'.

In our opinion, the latest tactic to push a motorway down the public's throat is employing a vision of Brisbane Metro Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) along Gympie Road. We are told that to build this BRT, space needs to be 'freed up' for road users by building a motorway on the NWTC. RAIL Back On Track rejects the packaging of public transport with a motorway in this way.

We do not support BCC's Gympie Road BRT proposal. It is a sub-optimal proposal. Motorway funds and the $1.3 billion indicated for BRT on Gympie Road are better used completing the Northern Busway between (a) RBWH and Truro Street, and (b) between Kedron, Prince Charles Hospital, and Chermside using tunnels.

Completion of the Northern Busway is superior to Gympie Road BRT because:
* The Northern Busway fully separates buses from road traffic (Priority A Corridor); Gympie Road BRT would not because it would share intersections and signals with road traffic (Priority B Corridor).
* The Northern Busway would include a stop at Prince Charles Hospital (PCH); Gympie Road BRT would not.
* The Northern Busway would have at least 2x the capacity of BRT on Gympie Road (12,000 persons/hr/direction for Northern Busway vs 4500 persons/hr/direction for BRT on Gympie Road)

RAIL Back On Track also objects to the low capacity the motorway would have. In the peak direction and during a 1-hour peak, we think two motorway lanes will together have a maximum capacity of 3600 vehicles/hour towards the CBD. This gives a peak hour motorway capacity of just 4320 persons/hour/direction.

For context, this is a lower capacity than:
* Council's Gympie Road BRT bus running every two minutes (4500 persons/hr/direction)
* The SE Busway (12,000 - 18,000 persons/hr/direction)
* A rail line with a service every 10 minutes in peak hour (10,000 persons/hr/direction).

Can the Lord Mayor and Brisbane City Council explain - if they are so concerned about traffic congestion - why are they promoting a motorway that represents the lowest peak-hour capacity option?

Once again, the results of BCC's own study shows that residents do NOT want a motorway in/on/under/above/beside the NWTC!

Robert Dow
RAIL Back On Track https://backontrack.org


Estimated Motorway Capacity Calculation
3600 seconds/hour divided by 2 second car frequency = 1800 vehicles/lane
1800 vehicles/lane x 2 lanes towards CBD = 3600 vehicles/hr/direction
Adjust for 1.2 persons/vehicle x 3600 vehicles/hr/direction = 4320 people/hr/direction

Conclusion: The motorway when fully saturated with traffic during a 1-hour peak has a theoretical maximum line capacity of 4320 people/hr/direction.

Gympie Road BRT Capacity Calculation
60 minutes/hour divided by 2 minute BRT frequency = 30 vehicles/hr
30 vehicles/hr x 150 passengers/vehicle = 4500 people/hr/direction

North West Transport Network Strategic Assessment – Key Findings

NWTN Business Case

Northern Busway - Archived Full Documents

Northern Busway Extension (Kedron to Bracken Ridge)
Half baked projects, have long term consequences ...
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Half baked projects, have long term consequences ...
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