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18 Jan 2023: RAIL Back On Track Supports a new rail corridor to the Northside

Started by ozbob, January 18, 2023, 10:50:21 AM

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RAIL Back On Track Supports a new rail corridor to the Northside

18th January 2023

RAIL Back On Track has long supported a new rail line linking the CBD, Alderley and Strathpine via the North West Transport Corridor (NWTC) so it is refreshing to hear recent comments from Transport Minister Mark Bailey supporting this project. [Brisbane's northside needs new rail corridor, says minister https://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/national/queensland/brisbane-s-northside-needs-new-rail-corridor-says-minister-20230117-p5cd8d.html]

The NWTC is a 60m to 80m wide corridor reserved through the northside that has sat unused for several decades, running through Everton Park, McDowall,  Aspley, Carseldine and Bald Hills. NWTC has been previously known as the "Trouts Rd Corridor". More recent transport plans have identified the ability for this corridor to be used for rail.

A potential rail line could branch off Cross River rail near Victoria Park and tunnel to reach Alderley.  The line could then run above ground, with a second tunnel passing under the environmentally sensitive Chermside Hills reserve. Emerging from the tunnel, the line would continue north and link with the existing Caboolture line near Strathpine.

This corridor is significant because it allows several problems to be solved at once:

1. New Stations on the Northside

Currently there is no mass transit in a large chunk of North West of Brisbane. These are suburbs west of Gympie Road that are not captured by the Ferny Grove line, and not covered by the Northern Busway.
Stations along this new line would put mass transit closer to more people. Also, the grid of East West roads makes it ideal for providing a logical network of feeder buses.
Potential station locations could include:

-Stafford Rd
-Rode Rd
-Albany Creek Rd
-Linkfield Rd

2. A faster route to the Sunshine Coast

The NWTC follows a more direct route North South compared to the dogleg of the current line swinging out towards Virgina. This would allow time savings for trains from the Moreton Bay Region and the Sunshine Coast (Including the planned line to Maroochydore)
By providing express tracks along the NWTC, express trains will get a clearer run in and out of Brisbane, with more capacity and reliability.

3. More Capacity for Freight

The existing route via Virginia has three tracks. If rail on the NWTC was built the third spare track could be dedicated to freight only, (since express passenger trains would be routed via the NWTC instead)

These three combined benefits makes it one of the greatest "bang for buck" SEQ could embark upon.

The project has strong public support too. In March 2022 BCC published the findings of their "North west transport network program business case (1)", which found a rail line had the highest level of support, with a new road having the highest level of opposition. Notably: "Feedback provided indicated that the community broadly does not see new roads as the solution to the transport problems in the north-west and that a move to public transport is preferred."


1.  North west transport network program business case

Robert Dow
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Half baked projects, have long term consequences ...
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Half baked projects, have long term consequences ...
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