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NSW Rail Line Patronage

Started by #Metro, September 21, 2022, 20:49:10 PM

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NSW Trains Wiki

The Sydney Metro carried about 14 million passengers in the 2019 year.

Which is similar to what the TransPerth Mandurah line brought in for 2019 (20 million passengers).

To be fair Sydney metro didn't open until May 2019, but even if you adjust for that and add passengers in to infill Jan,Feb,March,April and May to get 24 million passengers, the Mandurah line performance is incredible given the absolute difference in density between Sydney and Perth.

And another thing - Look at the T4 Illawarra-Eastern Suburbs line. It carried more than the entire SEQ rail network, all lines combined.

The SEQ rail network is being operated far below its full potential IMHO.


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Source: https://www.pta.wa.gov.au/about-us/priorities-and-performance/transport-performance#Mandurah-Line-37
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