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Hon Robert Skelton MP (Nicklin) Meeting 24 Aug 2022

Started by Fares_Fair, August 25, 2022, 20:50:38 PM

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At my instigation, I met with the Hon Robert Skelton MP, (ALP Nicklin) on Wednesday 24 August 2022.
It was also attended by two representatives of Transport and Main Roads.
It was for a half-hour.

I live in the electorate.

It was a good meeting - and at the outset the MP handed me a Research Brief of Sunshine Coast rail - history produced by the Queensland Parliamentary Library and Research Service, which was appreciated.
It covers both historic and recent history.

It was an opportunity to put forward the case for proper rail duplication to Nambour, for its freight and logistics advantages (as well as collateral passenger improvements).
I was asked by TMR what MY priority was for rail, CAMCOS (now called the Direct Sunshine Coast Line) or rail duplication to Nambour.

I said that while I support CAMCOS (DSCL) for its passenger transport improvements - rail to Nambour was my main priority as it also improves supply logistics with freight up to Cairns and this is currently hindered by short passing loops. The shortest of them all (682m) being at Palmwoods, my beautiful home town.
I mentioned that the current funded B2N plan still ends #2tracks some 26km south of Nambour.

The federal budget is due to be handed down in October, so it was an opportune time to meet.
I thanked the MP and the representatives for their time.
I felt that it was VERY worthwhile.


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