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Route Extension Brassall to Riverlink 512

Started by achiruel, December 28, 2021, 09:59:10 AM

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There's a couple of newish estates towards the end of Fernvale Rd in Brassall that have very poor public transport coverage, with numerous houses more than 1.3km from the nearest bus stop. Doesn't bother me a great deal as I like walking, but not everyone in the community would find it so easy, and the area can be quite hilly. I'd like to suggest the following extension. Yes, I know we all hate loops, but I'm not sure what the option is in this case, due to road design, and essentially this route is a coverage route, not a main trunk route. BTW I've only included the extension part, not the rest of the route, If you want to see the whole thing you can look here: https://jp.translink.com.au/plan-your-journey/timetables/bus/t/512


I feel like a relatively small loop on the end of a route isn't the greatest sin in the world. It's more mid-route loops that get me.
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I remember over a decade ago, we looked at putting in the bus through that loop you've highlighted on that map, but I think we walked away from it due to the amount of traffic calming along that estate at the time.

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