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Queensland Freight Action Plan

Started by ozbob, December 08, 2021, 04:07:27 AM

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Queensland Freight Action Plan



The Queensland Freight Action Plan (QFAP) is a rolling two-year action plan and is guided and aligns with the shared commitments and critical enablers identified in the Queensland Freight Strategy.

Building on the success of the Queensland Freight Action Plan 2020–2022, TMR is seeking your input into the review of the Queensland Freight Action Plan 2020–2022 and development of the Queensland Freight Action Plan 2023–2025.

The Queensland Freight Action Plan 2023–2025 builds on the achievements of the Queensland Freight Action Plan 2020–2022 ensuring the freight system continues to keep pace with new technologies and economic conditions.

TMR wants to hear your views to review the Queensland Freight Action Plan 2020–2022 and develop the Queensland Freight Action Plan 2023–2025.

By working together to deliver the Queensland Freight Action Plan, TMR can ensure Queensland is prepared for future freight challenges and opportunities.

>>> https://www.yoursay-projects.tmr.qld.gov.au/queensland-freight-action-plan
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As many have heard there is a adblue (for diesel) shortage for trucks in the logistics business. No doubt this will hit public transport, being diesel dependent rail, bus and ferries. TMR need to meet with major stakeholders to accelerate electrification of public transport and freight. Freight can be hauled in many places here in Qld with electric locomotives. The freight companies need to put more freight on tracks and invest in electric locomotives using the current overhead wires that run right up to Rocky. Plus extend the wires out to Toowoomba. Its a no brainer! We need to become energy independent and less dependent on importing fuels for freight and public transport.



Since most of the locos used to haul freight are decades old I would suggest probably not.

Coking coal is still going to be needed even if we stop exporting thermal coal to be burned to generate power, so the coal systems are probably not going anywhere, meaning plenty of electric locos in Queensland - just all used on the Blackwater and Goonyella systems.

I think it is ridiculous that the wires sit there basically doing nothing between Nambour and Rockhampton on the NCL.  The State could easily require a transition to electric locos for that stretch with a ramp-up period.

Longer term we need to look into extending the wires further north than Rockhampton and realigning where suitable.  You can already get an electric train as far north as Hay Point, so basically to Mackay (via a very indirect route of course), and it is possible the wires might also reach Abbot Point if Goonyella-Newlands is done (so basically to Bowen).  It's the bits of the NCL in between that need doing, which could be sold as a network resilience thing and to make it easier to get coal and other commodities to different ports.  Mackay to Bowen could be done first as it would probably be more useful to Aurizon, and then Mackay to Rockhampton would follow.  (It would also probably mean getting rid of trains from Denison Street in Rocky, which should happen anyway.)

From Bowen it should be straightforward to get to Townsville.  Cairns is less essential and the line north of Townsville needs a lot more work done to it than just electrifying it.

Buy a few more tilts and run daily Townsville and Cairns trips, and look at having intraregional trips where possible.  Possibly even run a basic suburban service in Townsville between Deeragun and Stuart which would complement any future light rail system along the City to Thuringowa / University via Ross River Road corridor.

Anywhere off the NCL the case is a lot more marginal, but Rosewood to Toowoomba would be the best chance - I wouldn't regard it as essential, but a hell of a lot more likely than say Emerald to Longreach, or anywhere else in the state.
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