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Short transfer times

Started by achiruel, February 19, 2021, 06:11:30 AM

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I'm wondering if QR planners think about transfer times when designing the timetables.

e.g. on weekday mornings an ex Rosewood train arrives Ipswich at 0726 and the train ex Ipswich leaves at 0727. Of course it's not described that way in the timetable; Rosewood commuters have to wait 13 minutes for the 0739 ex Ipswich. The train that forms the ex Rosewood service arrives at 0656 and departs at 0705. Would it not be possible to shorten the turnaround by a couple of minutes so the 13 minute wait at Ipswich becomes 3 minutes?


Isn't it cross platform interchange at Ipswich?


Yes, for that particular service it is. I still think 1 minute is cutting it very fine, though. I'll find out next week, as I'll be trying to make that connection.

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